If you followed this guide you will have unlocked the following for sure: Assassination Challenge: Kiss of Death (2500 MM Hokkaido).
Once you click Execute you will receive a random multiplier for your prize.
ET- Tactical Gear with Hunter's Hat CLG- King of the Crop - TAC-4 SA Jungle Colorado - The Vector *DLC* No Unlocks Available Hokkaido - Situs Inversus 5- Custom 5mm Pistol - Not Detected During Frisks, Cannot Be Reloaded 7- Shuriken x3 10- Okinawan Tonfa.
15- Jaeger 7 "Tiger" Sniper Rifle 20- Krugermeier 2-2 - Very montant du loto de ce soir quiet pistol most useful in Professional Mode.Now we exfiltrate the hospital and return to the Mountain Path for Part.During 18 free spins all your wins will be multiplied.10- ICA Remote Audio Distraction 10- Lethal Poison Vial 15- Enram HV tirage loto 5 mai 2017 Shotgun 20- Jaeger 7 Lancer Sniper Rifle 20-Proximity Explosive Duck, nPCs will pick this up if they spot.After this you will be transferred to the next screen where you will choose your weapon.

Once it appears on the second, third or fourth reel it expands and covers the entire reel making it Wild.
Welcome to the world of Agent 47 and get your rewards watching the work of silent assassin!
The number is the Mastery Level required.
Our selections for the Preparations portion are: Smuggled Item: Sniper Rifle of Your Choice (We went with the Jaeger 7 "Tiger" but ymmv Suit: N/A (automatically Ninja Starting Location: Infiltrating Along the Mountain Path.
We head to the end of the path at the corner and wait for the Guard there to head to the top of the path and we follow him - when he makes his phone call slide over the edge of the wall and onto.Drop a tool on the door track to jam it so it cannot close, then go out into the Sauna Lobby and wait for Yuki to exit - beaning her with a melee object to knock her out.CLG is for items unlocked through Challenges, DLC is for items only available through DLC, ESC is for items unlocked through Escalations, and ET is for items unlocked via Elusive Targets.The easy way to do that is use the can of Fizz to lure the blokes out one at a go - incap each and stuff them in the Cabinet.All bonus features will be available during free spins game.It should look correct on your smart phone.ET- Summer Suit w/Gloves CLG- Floor It!On our way through we incap and stash the body of the Guard sleeping in the Office / Storeroom just in case we later need him not to be there.Assassination Challenge: Silent Assassin (5000 MM Hokkaido).