7 260-pin SO-dimms ( Unidimm.6 mm (2.74 inches) aix en provence geant casino wide and 30 mm (1.2 inches) or 20 mm (0.79 inches) high, with a single notch placed differently than on DDR3 SO-dimms.
"dram Can I mix DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 modules-my PC?".
204-pin SO-dimms dDR3 ) have a single notch closer to the center than on 200-pin SO-dimms.
General characteristics edit 200- and 204-pin SO-dimms are.6 mm (2.66 inches) long and.75 mm (1.250 inches) wide, with a maximum total depth.8 mm (0.15 inches).Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 Memory.IDTs Multi-Port Memory portfolio contains more than 150 types of asynchronous and synchronous dual-ports, four-ports and bank-switchable dual-ports.As a brand of Micron, one of the largest memory manufacturers in the world, Ballistix memory is built to last and delivers a higher level of performance than standard memory." DDR4 : The Right Memory for Your Next Server and High-End Desktop System" (PDF).11 SO-dimms are more or less equal in power and voltage rating to dimms, and despite the smaller size of memory modules, SO- dimm technology does not mandate lower performance compared to larger dimms.

10 Variants of DDR3 SO-dimms edit These modules, while using the same physical layout, may differ in the specified voltage -.5.35 volts.
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5, the exact location of this notch varies (read below).
Contents, visual identification edit, most types of SO-dimms can be recognized visually by the distinctive notches that "key" them for different applications: 1 100-pin SO-dimms have two notches.
"ramcheck 100-Pin DDR Adapter, a tool for testing and identifying jedec-compliant 100-pin DDR SO- dimm modules".Asus Beyond VR Ready opens up a new way to configure and build your dream system with total confidence.8 9 Variants of 200-pin SO-dimms edit The 200pin SO- dimm can be of the types DDR and DDR2.4 200-pin SO-dimms have a single notch nearer to one side.Designed for performance enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who simply wants to get more out of their system, Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 memory helps you do just that.With over three decades of sram experience, IDT offers a broad line of high-speed, industry-standard srams that are used in communications and industrial markets.Dimm module 1, a SO-dimm, sodimm, or small outline dual in-line memory module, is a type of computer memory built using integrated circuits.Easy plug-and-play installation, intel XMP.0 profiles for easy configuration.