Setting Race Coordinator, race Coordinator is a program that allows measuring wheels, time, the orchestration of entire races and tournaments.
PC with USB, phototransistor as a switch, electronic kits Arduino UNO program and Race Coordinator.
Pc Lap Counter is a lap timer program to control slot car race or other race.
On analogue are assigned starting light.The menu Race Program Coordinator, set individual inputs and outputs Arduino.Stabilizing capacitor 5 micro F to 5 V power supply Arduino.Before he managed to put functional timekeeping on the old slot car ites I black friday geant casino jouet 2017 found myself very much at a stalemate.List of components: Designers Arduino UNO, LEDs starting lights (green and red).

Thus the passage cars will reduce the radiation incident on the phototransistor anásledn and current change.
Among others have entrance to a parallel and serial port.
Just a little bit more I liked just Ultimate Racer, especially graphics processing.
Correct assignment of LEDs to check the red button, which turns green and the corresponding LED lights.Old PC parallel port, a phototransistor switch and program Ultimate Racer.In the event that you will write.Race Coordinator is a free alternative slot car lap counting software package for the.Forget converters USB Parallel, USB port serum because they do not work.RC Arduino Lap Timer used to run a Time Attack Competition at the ProRC Track in Dubai.Aluminum foil to wrap the whole electronics including cables and the grounded I did not realize.Lap Tracker, published on the Internet is a lot of directions, but unfortunately nowadays, when computers have serial and parallel port, these instructions have already unworkable.The problem of interference may not always occur.LapTimer 2000 is a small MS Windows program that will count and time laps on any scale slot car track.

But what works reliably: Applications for mobile Lap Tracker a big advantage is low cost.