poke the box book summary

To break out of conservative patterns.
Your job is to rake poker game bring life to something small and grow from there.
So, whenever you notice a problem and have a solution for it in the form of an idea, make it happen!Now, sometimes, your idea will seem too big, or you will feel as if the area you enter is unknown.Take Seth's advice, and just make the start on that thing you are thinking of doing.Success will become inevitable.But, for whatever reason, we didn't.

No one can give you the life, excitement, and joy you want by giving you a list of rules to follow.
The first rule of doing work that matters is to set a schedule that your brain has to follow and then show up to work hard.
Seth sees that Peters is frustrated, because people are hearing his message, without embracing the thinking behind.
We are not saying that you should take uncalculated risks, but you cannot know all aspects of the idea until you turn it into reality.Yes, every section in the book is repetitive and makes the same exhortation again an again - Start Innovating.So, you need to stay fresh and to evolve.Key Lessons from Poke The Box:. .Or a particular site?Does this fail to produce rankings?

Happiness comes from doing work youre curious about and where you dont know how its going to turn out.
Just like scientists push buttons, see what happens, note results and then try again, you should try out your idea.
Summary, well, I guess should just say "Go!".