poke me meaning in marathi

English poke verb (ON internet thesaurus: synonyms and related words the act of poking someone or something: She gave me a poke in the stomach.
Synonyms of poke biff, clout, lick, poke, punch, slug, jab, jabbing, poking, thrust, thrusting, carrier bag, paper bag, sack, dawdler, drone, laggard, lagger, trailer, garget, phytolacca americana, pigeon berry, scoke, dig, prod, stab, pound, thump, horn in, intrude, nose, pry Antonyms of poke No matches.
Is it not a fact that these old folk, like everybody else, do not like people poking about loto grande vie résultats antérieurs in their houses?
Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.his tiny head poked from the covers.From the, hansard archive.As far as Facebook's feeble-minded pokers go, it's probably one more passive-aggressive outlet for your friendly neighborhood profile stalkers to use.I wonder how much of that is due to people poking their fingers in the wrong holes.From the, hansard archive, he pokes fun at that; be does not think there can be such a thing.From the Hansard archive I suggest that she must have golden nugget las vegas casino hosts realised by now that they cannot be stirred very far, no matter how hard she pokes.Copyright 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers.

If something pokes from behind or under something, or if someone pokes it there, you can see part of it appearing from behind or under that thing.
From the, hansard archive, a very odd thing about politicians is that we love poking into other people's business.
nf, her mother opened the oven door and poked a fork into the turkey skin.
I suggest that if he pokes his nose any further into this he will get it punched by local authorities.I think it will be disclosed, when we have the replies, that our old friend the means test pokes his head up again.From the, hansard archive, all kinds of gibes could no doubt be poked.transitive verb, countable noun, if you poke someone or something, or if you give them a poke, you quickly push them with your finger or a sharp object.Notice." to "If I don't have my money in three hours, I'm going to sodomize your dog and sell your children to Cambodian sweatshops.".It could mean anything from, "Hello, I'm still alive.