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Arthur Hallam's was the most important of these friendships.
The Idylls of the King to his memory.
Perhaps because of Tennysons gloomy and tragic childhood, perseverance and optimism also appear in poetry written before Hallams death, such as The Lotos-Eaters (1832, 1842).He has used pleasant, harmonious, and musical sounds in the above excerpt from Macbeth.Furthermore, our contemporary conception of Camelot as harmonious and magnificent comes from Tennysons poem.He uses long vowels and semi-vowels of soft consonants.For most of his career, Tennyson was deeply interested in and troubled by these discoveries.The Glory of England, tennyson used his poetry to express his love for England.Tennyson suffered from extreme short-sightedness without a monocle he could not even see to eat which gave him considerable difficulty writing and reading, and this disability in part accounts for his manner of creating poetry: Tennyson composed much of his poetry in his head, occasionally.In 1827 Tennyson escaped the troubled atmosphere of his home when he followed his two older brothers to Trinity College, Cambridge, where his tutor was William Whewell see nineteenth-century philosophy.Notable scientific findings and theories of the Victorian period include stratigraphy, the geological study of rock layers used to date the earth, in 1811; the first sighting of an asteroid in 1801 and galaxies in the 1840s; and Darwins theory of evolution and natural selection.The Seafarer Anonymous Search for My Tongue Sujata Bhatt A Season in Hell Arthur Rimbaud The Second Coming William Butler Yeats Sestina Elizabeth Bishop She Walks in Beauty George Gordon, Lord Byron Shine, Perishing Republic Robinson Jeffers The Sick Rose William Blake Silence Marianne Moore.During his time of mourning, Tennyson rarely wrote and, for many years, battled alcoholism.

Such words are melodic in nature, hence they produce pleasing sounds.
The Road Not Taken, robert Frost, romance Sonambulo.
The cavalrymen in The Charge of the Light Brigade keep charging through the valley toward the Russian cannons; they persevere even as they realize that they will likely die.Long vowel sounds like mellow, maturing, load, ripeness, and semi-vowel sounds, like s and w, are exquisitely used.Taking metaphors and poetic diction from science allowed Tennyson to connect to his age and to modernize his sometimes antiquarian language and archaic verse forms.Vincent Millay, the Red Wheelbarrow.Hallams death destroyed his potential and promise, which allowed Tennyson to idealize Hallam.

Nevertheless, Tennyson continued to struggle with the reconciliation of science and religion, as illustrated by some of his later work.
It can be defined as the use of words and phrases that are distinguished as having a wide range of noteworthy melody or loveliness in the sounds they create.