He has a way of discussing high-level concepts in a very simple way.
Will deposit 400 of that into IRA today, leaving me around 700 to play with.
For what it's worth, yes, "Baluga" is a misspelling of "Beluga".
He patiently took me through his coaching program while tailoring his lessons to strengthen my bingo theater ukraine weaknesses.I've had 3 different players over the years ask to borrow money to buy into the game.Should have remembered "one and done" on the flop.I had limped planning on a l/rr but due to player profile I decided to flat.And I stuck with my goal of depositing most of my winnings into my retirement account.

Between one tag team tournament cash and cash games I am up 3,318 in May, so I achieved my goal of 3K last month!
My canet en roussillon hyper casino bankroll is still around 1,650 so I am in decent shape.
I tank call, he taps table and shows 10-9o.
I buy in for 300 and will reload once.
"Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.If you decide to call on the turn, what are you going to do on the river?But if I remove my lone regrettable "garbage fire tilt" session where I lost 1,800 I am considerably better in my second four months (5.7BB/hr.).I have a somewhat steady income outside of poker but my goal is to make poker a supplement to that income and not just a break-even hobby.I would say that the Baluga theorem is one of a small number of theorems that you should take note résultats loto 30 décembre 2017 of and incorporate into your Texas Hold'em game.